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Women Education in India Essay

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❶There will be no mutual adjustment , which is very essential for a good Matrimonial life on the other hand, an educated wife is refined, matured and resourceful.

Importance of Women education

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Long and Short Essay on Women Education in India in English

If women are uneducated, the future generations will be uneducated. For this reason the Greek warrior Napoleon once said, "Give me a few educated mothers; I shall give you a heroic race. In day to day life, the real problems are faced first by women and then the same problems are conveyed to men for solution.

If the women are educated, they can solve all the problems of their houses. Very often, the working men of some families become handicapped in unfortunate accidents. In that situation, the complete burden of the family rests on the women of the families. To meet this exigency women should be educated. They should be employed in different spheres. Women can work as teachers, doctors, lawyers and administrators. Poor education for women is main cause of social backwardness and unsustainable development.

It is rightly said that to educate a women is to educate the family. Research in many countries shows that if mother is well educated then the children will be healthier and better-fed; they will perform better at school and will be sent to school regularly to higher level. Household also may get better standard as mother may work in local or cottage enterprise, which they spent on good for whole family. Hence, women education contributes in smooth running of family. Educated women have proved to be no less than men in all fields.

The best example can be Malala Yusuf Jai. Women are competent to men in every field. A family is prosperous where both husband and wife are educated. Women education also contributes to population control. It is true statement that a home is the first school of every child and the mother is the first teacher. She must know how to nurse and take care of the child. The mother teaches her child what to do and what not to do. Only a well-educated mother can give a good environment to her child for well growth and for better education.

So education must be utilized as best method of women empowerment and sustainable development. Women have proved that they can do the entire task as men can do if they are provided with education and chances.

When women are educated and skilled then they can compete to men in the entire field. The discrimination on sex will end and population growth rate can be controlled, only when women is educated. You have wonderfully described about "Importance of women education" Well, I'm a writer. I have written an article similar to this topic and it was published in one of the article submission site. I hope even if you produce this stuff to such sites, will be much more better.

Nice and effective blog post. The content is too short but effective. I love the information you share here. Nowadays I can't see any new posts in your blog, make your blog more active. Custom Essay Writing Service. Simple language made the post much simpler to understand. The roles of men and women were thus separated. But now the social scene has considerably changed. Women all over the world are being educated in almost every field that men were so far normally associated with.

The knowledge of arts, science, technology and politics is no longer the privilege of men alone. Women have begun to study these subjects and have brought great credit to themselves and their nation by contributing actively in those fields. As a result every school is now conscious of imparting education to girls. Some states even give incentive to them.

This has been done primarily because even today there are some orthodox people who feel that a woman's place is only in her home. Yet one cannot deny the fact that it is absolutely essential to educate the women in any society.

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Essay on “Importance of Women Education” For: Class Education is an important requirement for human life. It is as much necessary as food, cloth and shelters. Women who cover half of the present total population must not be left uneducated and in darkness. .

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Education in the United States is equal for both males and females. They go to the same schools, learn the same material, have the same tests, and have the same teachers. But other countries are not as fortunate. Some African women have to fight to even get a mediocre education.

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To meet this exigency women should be educated. They should be employed in different spheres. Women can work as teachers, doctors, lawyers and administrators. Educated women are good mothers. Education of women can be helpful in eradicating many social evils such as dowry problem, unemployment problem, etc. Social peace can easily be established. Women Education in India Essay 3 ( words) In terms of population, India is the second largest country of the world due to the low level women education. If a woman is uneducated, the future of country would also be uneducated. Women education was the matter of concern in India in the middle age however, it has been now solved to a great extent.

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Jun 18,  · Essay - Importance of Women Education “Education is light brighter than that of sun”. Education not only removes ignorance but also makes a person conscious, skilled and productive. Women education refers to every form of education that aims at improving the knowledge, and skill of women and girls. It includes general education at schools and colleges, vocational and technical education, professional education, health education, etc. Women education encompasses both literary and non-literary education.