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French Revolution Homework Help?

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❶Some mountains are snow-capped all year round. There is little doubt that the Bourbon monarchy was among the victims of the French Revolution.


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She could easily be seen as a figure who embodied the aristocracy at the time. She was extremely extravagant in an over the top manner and oblivious to the financial concerns of the nation. This symbolized the entirety of the French aristocracy at time.

Even as the country sank deeper into debt the extravagant parties and masquerades continued. The rest of the French population was not at all happy about this situation.

Matters only worsened when the king introduced a new bread law. This produced nothing but chaos because the bread prices increased heavily and many people could not even afford bread. Second reason the French Revolution happened was because of political differences and problems between the different social classes. During this period, there were three social classes in France. These three classes were the nobility, the clergy and what was called the Third Estate.

The Third Estate was basically just everybody else and could include anyone from a lowly peasant to anyone from the middle class. Anyone who was not of the nobility was included in the Third Estate. Problems had been long going since the days of Louis XIV. Basically the arrangement was that the Third Estate would pay for nearly everything that the other two noble classes did.

That means that many of the extravagant events hosted by the rich were paid for with the Third Estates tax dollars. The nobles and clergy were the privileged orders. They were exempt from such direct taxes as the taille , or land tax. Most taxes were paid by the Third Estate—a class that included peasants, artisans, merchants, and professional men. Even among these groups taxes were not equal. Some provinces were exempt from certain assessments, such as the gabelle , or…. Take a minute to check out all the enhancements!

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Explain the effects of the French francesa.gan the effects of the French Revolution. In my mind, the most intense effect of the French Revolution was the ushering of despair and despondency behind grass roots movements and expressions of the political good.

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AP European History - The French Revolution: Homework Help / Practice Exam Exam Instructions: Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions.

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Get an answer for 'What were the causes of the French Revolution? ' and find homework help for other French Revolution, The questions at eNotes. Equality, or doing away with privilege, was the most important part of the slogan to the French revolutionists. For equality they were willing to sacrifice their political liberty. They did this when they accepted the rule of Napoleon I.

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