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Johns Hopkins Essay Examples - Assignment Example

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Once she was done rebuking him and offering two full minutes of amusement to the class, she plonked in her blue armchair. She then mentioned something to Joey that made my belief in karma stronger. By the time Ms. Monica could complete her sentence, and I could nod in acceptance or shake my head in decline, he was already there just beside me with the Cheshire Grin and without a sense of shame.

Though Joey was made my partner for the History assignments, he would accompany in the biology lab, sports ground and even to the restroom. Even the shadow goes away as the sun dips in the horizon, but he would mark his presence at my place even in the evening. My tone and the rhetorical question were insulting enough to which he replied that I was his subject.

Demented and bewildered, I asked him what he meant by that. His answer made me scratch my head on how to react. Do I laugh, express my gratitude or appreciate his confidence were some of the mixed response hovering my head when Joey mentioned he was writing a book on me. I was involved in a deep thinking when he repeated the same thing again and broke my chain of thoughts.

I apologized but backed my reaction with a logical rationale. I explained to him that his vision of writing a book and getting it published was a snowball chance in hell. I could sense that the demotivation had caged his free spirit, but I had to bring up the facts.

Joey, without reacting or responding, fished out his smartphone and mailed me a document which made me looked puzzled. I opened the document and discovered that it was his half-jotted manuscript. His observation was commendable.

The way he wrote about me, my personal life, my break up with a girl that I loved the most, my academic life, etc. After going through few of the pages, I wondered he knew me more than I did. I could not believe my eyes when I went through his creative writing. It impressed me and at the same time piqued my curiosity to read it further, but it was only a half of it.

He wrote it really well. His writing was polished, unlike his essays. He explained that his veins had less of blood and more of writing running through them. He was not there in the school for history or physics. He had no interest in them. The keywords of these disciplines, the technicalities and complexity had bothered him in his entire career of elementary school. That was the moment, my thoughts aligned with his. He had robbed me of speech that day. Was it because of my extreme involvement in math and science?

All these dilemmas wrapped me, and I could not find a way out. Not just Joey impressed me, but he inspired me to explore my potential.

I had already made my mind to help him by proofreading what he had written and furnished him with whatever detail he looked forward from me. While I was busy jotting down my college essays, he was somewhere plunged into writing something that he loved the most.

Though his tale was not cent percent accurate to my life, there were parts that were pure fiction just to connect the dots. While I was dancing around for I had bagged a seat in the top most undergraduate college of the city, Joey was somewhere down in dumps for being rejected after third time from the publishing community. I now shared a true ally bond with him. The same made me worry for him and evaporated all my fun and merriment of admission.

Every time there was less of constructive feedback from the publishers and more of sugar coated rejection. It sounds funny and bizarre at the same time that the success of the most mocked person of the class was now the concern of the topper of the campus.

Was it because I was the protagonist of the book? Or was it because I had a genuine concern for Joey?


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