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Paper Mache Recipes

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❶I mean it looks good and I scrapped the excess paste off but its tearing very easily.

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Please get back to me!!! I happen to like the raw paste myself, but you may prefer one of the other recipes. Since you need to make so many, I would suggest that you experiment just a little and see which one you like best. The paper mache is quite heavy when wet, so make sure your forms are strong enough to hold up the paper and paste.

I used the raw form but the consistency on my paste is alittle looser than pancake batter. I mean it looks good and I scrapped the excess paste off but its tearing very easily. Do I bake it or just leave it? Sorry for the questions just want to do this right. Please get back to me! Wet newspaper is very fragile. The drying time depends on the weather, and whether or not you have moving air. Give it plenty of time to dry. I am sorry, I am new to this and I would love to do these for my wedding.

What would I use as a base? The paper mache clay? The paper mache clay has to be applied to something that is solid. I would LOVE to see a tutorial for this? What did you start with for the form? They turned out lovely, and I would have fought over them too!!

Hi my name is rose and i am working on a paper-mache project. I work very hard on the wolf and I think he looks great. I wonder if you have any pictures of pigs done with paper-mache that I can get some ideas. These are going to be full head mask. You can see his face close-up at the top of this page. I loved the trees so much I created several of my own, but now I am stuck with white trees?

Can you give me suggestions on painting my trees? Thank you for the great trees! I'm making a giant coral as a prop for a "under the sea" themed dance. Thanks for the great ideas! Hi Dani, I havent calculated exactly how much chicken wire, I just bought a big roll and used as much as it took! And while i haven't measured the tree exactly, it's about 2 meters tall?? As a school teacher I've done and seen my share of paper mache but your tree takes the cake! That is the best hand made tree I've seen online!!

I would like to make one with some students for a large School Board wide Book Club event so I would have to make it in one place and transport it to the event. Were the trunk and branches eventually stuck together or are they two separate entities?

Hello you can visit my blog: I kept the tree in two parts, it's so easy to separate and then just put together. I also leave the foliage off till i'm done transporting it, then I stick the leaves into the branches.

I know, it's something you've been wondering for a long time I LOVE your tree! I am making one too and your wrapping the chicken wire tip was most welcomed. Im recreating this project for my sister's baby shower! What did you use for the base? It looks like a bucket. How did you attach the chickenwire to the bucket. Can anyone make our religious institution a 5x6 foot paper mache tree?

Cut strips of chicken wire with the wire cutters to form the shape of a tree trunk. The amount of chicken wire you will use will depend on the size of tree you are making. Start by making the base or stump of the tree and build up to the desired height. Connect the sheets of chicken wire using the pliers to twist the ends of the wire together. Cut smaller strips of chicken wire and connect them to the base of the tree. Use the pliers to bend them into the shape of roots.

Make the roots wide enough to add stability to the rest of the tree. The chicken wire should now resemble the frame of your tree. Tape a single layer of newspaper to the tree. The roots, trunk and branches should all be covered in the newspaper. Try to lay the newspaper as flat as possible and avoid bulky layers. Tear the newspaper lengthwise in 3-inch strips. The amount of newspaper you will use depends on the size of your tree; you will need enough to cover the tree four times.

How to Make a Paper-Mâché Tree

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These easy to follow steps to making a paper-mâché tree will result in a realistic-looking tree that you are free to customize according to your project. We look at the basics of making a paper-mâché tree, how to add foliage, and tricks and tips on making your tree and surrounding ground look realistic. We also look at how to adapt the project to your needs.

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Mrs P is here to help solve all your paper mache tree problems. Ok, First up, Get yourself a butt load of chicken wire and start making a trunk. I've made this tree in 2 parts so it's easier to transport.

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Find great deals on eBay for paper mache tree. Shop with confidence. Today I’m going to let KT Scherer tell you about these fantastic paper mache trees she made for her wedding. She did an outstanding job, and I can see why her guests were so impressed. Here’s what she told me in her email: Hi Jonni, I emailed you about a year and a half ago. I asked you for some.