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Essay on Media Violence

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❶A comprehensive literature review has been presented herein that has purported the role that media can play in the aggressiveness of the viewers.

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Media Violence Essay
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They should think twice before buying that Mortal combat III for their son. This is where it gets sticky. Parents need to draw the line between appropriate and not appropriate.

It would be a nice convenience to have a rating system on the television, but parents should be aware enough of what their children are doing and watching that they are the rating system themselves. The question now is what is happening to help this situation currently?

The answer is quite relieving. The Entertainment Industries council, which distributes suggestions to the writers and producers of network shows and TV movies on social issues, is now meeting with writers to develop ways for dramatizing conflict without violence and showing the consequences of violence.

It shows a good amount of sex and violence everyday. Usually more sex then violence, but there is a good amount of both. But at MTV, almost one out of three music videos submitted is being ruled inappropriate for broadcast. The V-Chip is another work in progress for parents. This device will be in all televisions within 5 years. It is a rating system for parents, and they can program it to cut off shows with violence or nudity, etc. It will be like on-line shopping, a convenience, but you still have to choose what you want to buy.

Some would disagree with that statement, and those are the ones taking action now. People must face that reality. Should it be stopped is the real question. What is the effect of violence in media with children compared to with adults? Children model behavior they see in the media. Adults see more violence in the media than actually exists in real life. When heroes use violence, children think that violence is an appropriate way to respond to problems.

Children are younger, so they see things and apply that to their lives, because they are learning everything at that age. When in fact most neighborhoods are nothing like they are portrayed on TV. The writers and producers are exaggerating, to make it all interesting. There is also discussion of violence on TV not having any affect at all.

Maybe 20 to 30 years ago we would have been shocked. Now, a generation later, we know that this is a violent society. And when we read about violence, it only reinforces what we know. Children, who have been watching violent programmes on TV, often behave differently.

There is, indeed, a positive relationship between the amount of television violence children have seen and the aggressiveness of their behaviour.

However, it is hard to interpret such co relational evidence. It may be that watching violent programmes cause aggressive behaviour. On the other hand, it may be that naturally aggressive children choose to watch more violent programmes than non-aggressive children. Lots of people also blame of having a bad influence on children and teenagers on violent computer games. There are two explanations of the effects of violence in video games:. However observational studies e. Further Video game violence has more effect on young children, but far less effect on teenagers and no apparent effects on adults.

There is, on the other hand, very little research into the long-term effects of violent video games and at the moment, it is entirely speculation of the effects. The media have pro-social effects as well as anti-social ones; if the catharsis theory is correct then it can relieve aggressive feelings and prevent aggression in real life.

The media cannot be completely blamed for aggression; there are other factors to be considered that could influence the person particularly a child. We cannot fully protect children and teenagers from exaggerated violence on TV, video and PC games. But there are a few options for parents to protect their children.

Explain questionable incidents e. Children also should be taught to differentiate clearly between fiction and real life. Furthermore parents should teach their children not to bully others and make sure that they do not get examples of violence at home or at school.

Listening to music is also a time consuming pastime among children. Studies have shown that extensive television viewing may be associated with aggressive behavior, poor academic performance, precocious sexuality, obesity, and the use of drugs or alcohol. Television, video games, and music are very influential and if too much violence is available for children to watch, play, or listen to, this can sway their attitudes in a negative direction.

We can see how influential rock stars are just by looking at the children of today; they dress and sometimes try to act just like their idols. Music can be very powerful and there have been numerous stories in the news of teenagers trying to commit suicide or committing crimes and then blaming it on song lyrics.

One of the largest selling and most popular genres of music currently is rap music. A vast majority of rap songs are littered with explicit lyrics and such suggestive material as drugs, rape, racism, and murder. All of these types of albums are stamped on the front cover warning for explicit content and are not supposed to be sold to anyone underage, but I have personally purchased many during my teenage years.

Violent music is easily available not only in stores but also on the internet. With children being able to obtain these types of music, it is apparent why music has such an impact. Television is especially influential on the children of today. Thirty years ago, not every home had a television; they were considered a luxury that only the rich could afford. Now, most households have two televisions and children watch them incessantly.

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Media Violence essaysToday it is very common in industrialized countries for a household to have at least one television. In fact, it is so common that it is difficult to imagine a household without TV. This shows just how important television is. Today the television has become a constant companio.

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Aggression in the media has been under a lot of scrutiny in recent times. It has resurfaced as the pinnacle of countless debates among. Keywords: media violence essay, violence in media essay The effects of Media violence can cause physical aggression to the people, especially the youth. Media violence is described as the portrayal of physical action that hurts or kills.

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The study of media violence analyzes the degree of correlation between the violence that is shown in the media, including TV, movies and video games, and violence in the real world. Some researchers have concluded that there is a relationship between the two while others have noted that there exist no relationship between violence on media . The Influence of Media Violence on Youth. In the era of technological progress the internet, television, video game systems, and entertainment media became very popular among children and adolescents.