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In addition to these weekly assignments, there is: Before the start of almost every class, you will need to complete a problem on Moodle. Koch has provided instructions for completing the Daily Problem. You will not be able to access a Daily Problem after its due date. These problems will help you keep up with the material, but doing them alone is not enough to prepare you for the exams - you must do the weekly homework as well.

You will work in groups of three on a final project. You will collect and analyze data on a topic of your choice, and present your results in a short paper and a minute in-class presentation.

Your proposal is due by 3: There are more details here. Honor code and group work: All students are expected to follow the honor code more details available on Moodle throughout the semester. I strongly encourage you to work on the homework in groups. I suggest that you work on the problems by yourself first, making a note of anything giving you trouble; then meet with your group and work through the remaining problems together; and finally write up the problems again by yourself.

As Talking Barbie says, "Math class is tough. Think hard, and if you're still stuck, do something else for a while. It's amazing how often that works. My office hours are above - these are times when I'm guaranteed to be in my office and willing to talk. According to Nietzsche, the person who is oppressed and who wishes to shed whichever misery afflicts him will turn to critical history, in an attempt to justify what must be done in order to correct his problems.

Critical history seems as it would have been Nietzsche's favorite type of history as it requires its user to practice critical thinking in order to take what is needed from it. When combined with the other two types of history, people may really see the past as the way it was, without the rose colored glasses. Furthermore, if people began judging history, it would become the norm for their descendants and the practice of romanticizing history would begin to fade away.

Critical history is good in that it sheds some of the problems of the two other types, but it is not without a problem of its own. Monumental history tends to glorify heroes. When reading about monumental history, one might find themselves thinking about movies such as Braveheart or Gladiator, or any other movie glorifying a past hero.

The monumentalist is the man who wishes to become someone great. He will often look to the past to find example and inspiration, and finds it in an ancient hero.

The monumenalist looks to the past for inspiration and ideas. The idea behind monumental history is that if the great lived once, it is possible for the great to be born today and it possible to become great. However, monumental history tends to overlook the flaws of the great and distorts history.

People tend to be afraid to take risks and do something different. Nietzsche gives an example of artists not wanting to try something different because they are afraid of being ridiculed. He also speaks of the connesiour not acknowledging contemporary greatness and wishing the dead to bury the living. Antiquarian history focuses on traditions and norms. People almost wishing that they lived in the past and not in contemporary time is an example of antiquarian history.

The antiquarian so loves the ideas and traditions that were held in the past that they themselves often hold the same ideas and traditions in an effort to extend the past. According the Nietzsche, the antiquarian who reveres the modest and simple life is valued, but it seems there is little room for the others. Antiquarian history can be beneficial because it shows us the way things used to be which can help prevent us from making the same mistakes.

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