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❶What are the perimeter and area of this rectangle?

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The dimes are each 1. The first girl weight 4. What was the average weight of the babies? The humane society has about 15 cats in residence at any given time. Each cat eats about 0.

What would be the cost of cat food for a week? Again, please show work to get the 10pts So I benefit from learning how to do it and you get 10pts. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? So there are dimes each 1. You multiply and Add up the three columns. However many places you move it you will have to move the decimal to the 4. Be sure to bring your decimal up into your answer before you begin dividing. So we are talking 7. The numbers and words can be hidden and the charts used as worksheets.

The conversion of fractions to decimals and back again is a common task in math. This chart will be a useful reference tool when solving problems. These free worksheets and charts can be easily printed by selecting the Print Worksheet or Print Chart options at the top of each document or by using the Print function in your web browser.

If you wish an answer sheet then check the Show Answers box and then print another copy. The free worksheets and charts below will help your child with math.

Fraction Worksheet Generators There are 3 fraction worksheet generators below. Identifying Fractions 1 of 6 - with half, thirds, fourths, and fifths Identifying Fractions 2 of 6 - with fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths Identifying Fractions 3 of 6 - with twelfths, fifteenths, sixteenths, and twentieths Identifying Fractions 4 of 6 - requiring shading for half, thirds, fourths, fifths Identifying Fractions 5 of 6 - requiring shading for fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths,twelfths Identifying Fractions 6 of 6 - requiring shading for twelfths, fifteenths, sixteenths, twentieths Identifying Fractions e.

What fraction of the box is shaded? Probably APA as that is used more in the social sciences and sciences, but your teacher is the best source of that information.

Our nursing school has a writing specialist to help students with their papers. Can some one please help with history homework? I need to write an essay describing one of the framers of the Constitution, what colony they represented and their political stance during the revolutionary war. Along with a list of their accomplishments. I just cant seem to find a framer may you guys please give me a list of framers?

Describe in detail the three 3 main jobs of state legislatures? How do i find out health data on porn stars? How can I feel less overwhelmed? Typically I get home from school at 4: I help my brother with his homework for and hour and take a couple of hours to I help my brother with his homework for and hour and take a couple of hours to eat dinner, talk with the rest of my family and take my dog out for a walk. This time in between 7: I take two honors classes as well as one AP and I always have mountains of homework from these classes.

In addition to these three, I have two other non-honors classes that also assign homework every night. Is there anything that I can do to manage my schoolwork and not feel so overwhelmed? Click me to see next set of Questions!

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Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly.

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Nov 07,  · Alright, I got some decimal question type problems that I need you kind folks to help me solve at 1 in the morning before I .

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A Decimal Fraction is a fraction where the denominator the bottom number is a number such as 10,decimals, etc in other homework a help of ten. Hide Ads About Ads. First, let's have an example: The decimal point goes between Ones and Tenths. On the left side is "2", help is the whole math part. On the left side is "13", that is the whole . You may also be asked to write fractions as decimals. Since each place in a decimal represents a fraction of a base-ten number, like ten, or 1,, you'll be working with fractions that have these denominators. For fractions of ten, the numerator goes in the decimal's tenths place (6/10 = ).

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Overview: Fractions can be converted to corresponding decimals, and both fractions and decimals can also be converted to percents. As with many equivalent expressions in mathematics, fractions, decimals, and percents can also be . Decimal Homework Help. Certified Professional Essay Writers & Resume Experts creating amazing resumes that help clients across the globe win more interviews with top employers and get better job offers everyday.