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In the prepared speech, you'll speak for up to four minutes on any topic you'd like. A word of advice: Afterward, you'll be asked to speak off the cuff for up to two minutes on a topic you haven't seen before. If you've never given a speech, don't worry: Many Decathletes cite learning to speak in public as one of their most transformative experiences in the program.

In the interview, you'll have seven minutes to answer questions about a subject you shouldn't need to research very much: Learning to listen closely and to present yourself in a compelling way is another skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life, whether it's during your college interviews, on the job, or at dinner with your future parents-in-law. Be ready to answer questions about your background, your interests, and your goals, and never forget to thank your judges for volunteering.

In music and art, students are provided with specific works that they must research and study. Information is released according to a calendar. For the USAD competition, for example, the theme and general topic was posted March 1, ; the outlines for each curricular topic area on May 1; and more specific curriculum materials e.

The competition takes place in November, , giving teams the summer months to spend time in strong preparation. The study materials that are provided by the USAD, including the topic areas and outlines are all free and can be downloaded from the website, and this is a good start for preparation.

The more specific study materials — resource guides, study guides, etc. This can put an additional burden on schools and school districts that are from poorer areas, and that has been a point of controversy. There are also USAD practice tests that are developed each year by third-party for-profit companies.

These are sold to teams, and, when schools are able to provide this kind of financial support, the tests can be a big help. The USAD does not support or encourage the purchase of the practice tests; however, they are well-done and can give a team a pretty big advantage.

Any time students have the opportunity to take practice test, research shows that they do better on the real thing. With all of this information and all of these study materials, most teams can be well-prepared for the objective testing events, provided they have a good coach and they spend a lot of time studying the material. The objective tests are very fact-based and do not require critical or creative thinking.

It is really a matter of memorization. Because of this, a number of educational associations, such as the ASCD, have criticized the objective portion of the event. The criticism relates to the fact that students are basically engaged in straight memorization of facts rather than any higher-level thinking skills, such as application, analysis, or synthesis.

No one can completely prepare for this portion of the event. However, given that the USAD theme for each year is published, and given that the essay and speech prompts will all relate to this theme, preparation can be in the following forms:. The most important parts of any speech are the opening and the ending. Practice using your minute of allowed preparation time to craft a great opening sentence and a solid ending. These will be the most memorable.

Again, practice is the one thing that will get you over that anxiety and nervousness. You have the outlines and the study guide and resource materials. The essays are then graded by judges with a pretty subjective guideline. Like most essays, students are graded on their ideas, organization, grammar and mechanics, and overall impression.

Think beforehand what possible essay topics could come from these. Think of the main themes in the literature you read. Those are always possible topics. No one can always be sure of guessing correctly, so just be well versed in the two subjects. If you know the plays very well, whatever question they give you should be pretty easy.

It simply makes you look like you gave more effort. Of course you do not just want to write a bunch of junk. You have 50 minutes of writing. I guarantee that if at 40 minutes you look around there will be a lot of people who "finished.

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*An essay is a piece of writing usually written from an author's personal point of view that analyses and evaluates an issue or a topic. Writing an essay means to express your academic opinion on a particular matter. Possible types include: descriptive essay, narrative essay, compare and contrast essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay etc.

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The Academic Decathlon – How to Prepare for the USAD Test. October 12, - Education. Or, you can “cram” at the last minute, perhaps days before that exam and get help from essay services. Students who choose either option can be successful and get good exam grades. But preparing for the Academic Decathlon is different. It. 6th grade math homework help online Academic Decathlon Essay Help argumentative essay arguing for online classes doctoral dissertation assistance reference.

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Academic Decathlon Essay Help. academic decathlon essay help Academic decathlon essay help someone to do my homework. Home / custom essays uk forum / Academic decathlon essay helpAcademic Decathlon Essay Help Paper from us be sure that our companies from other services topic acasemic useful data. Academic Decathlon Essay Help. academic decathlon essay help This is to help the Hutchison Academic Decathlon Team. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for Ventura County Academic Decathlon Needs Your Help.