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Michael Jackson - Song Groove (a.k.a. Abortion Papers) Lyrics

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❶The track is not quite as inflammatory as news outlets report — the circulated lyrics claim she's an atheist, which sounds nothing like what Jackson sings — and as Jackson family controversies go, lately and otherwise, this is comparatively trivial. In and , separate accusations of child molestation that allegedly occurred in Neverland were made against Jackson, which drew intense negative media coverage.

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Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers) Lyrics

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Compared to this, Abortion Papers drips with kindness. It's another admonishment ("I'd like to have my child" doesn't come off as the woman speaking), but all the sex occurs offscreen, all the violence is cushioned by religion and any judgment is .

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“Song Groove aka Abortion Papers” is a pop-rock infused anthem denouncing those that are pro-choice. Recorded in , Michael did not intend for the song to bash the pro-life community; he merely wanted to persuade them to . Sep 24,  · A posthumously released Michael Jackson “Pro-Life” song called “Abortion Papers” is hitting home for many listeners now .

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In his solo career, Jackson recorded and co-produced the best-selling album of all time, Thriller (with worldwide sales over million), received thirteen Grammy awards and charted thirteen #1 singles in the U.S. Throughout his four-decade career, Michael Jackson has been awarded numerous honors, including the World Music Awards Best . Sep 14,  · Jackson isn’t the first recording artist to explore the controversial subject of abortion in song. It has also surfaced in the work of Neil Young, Madonna, Sinead O’Connor, and Lauryn Hill, among others.